Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

Eberhard Schoener - Bali Agung (1975)

Classicaly trained musician, Renowned arranger, director and keyboard player, Eberhard Schoener published a serie of adventurous electronic rock albums exploring the territories of kosmsische kraut-psychedelica, introspective new age, cinematic concrete ambient and pulsing minimal electro pop. A notorious contribution to these respective musical subgenres.

Track list :

1 Tjandra (Der Mond)
2 Rawana (der Damonenkonig)
3 Nadi (in Trance sein)
4 Surija (die Sonne)
5 Ramayana (Balinesisches Marchen)
6 Ketjak-Rock
7 Agung Raka
8 Gong


Eberhard Schoener (Mellotron, Moog synthesizer); 
Siegfried Schwab (classical guitar); 
Pete York (percussion).

Featuring: The Gamelan Orchestra Of Saba And Pinda Of Agung Raka.


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