Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Waljinah, keroncong singer

Waljinah is one the most famous and beloved Javanesse traditional singers, especially with her song "Walangkekek" which made her very popular among the javanese. She also has made some collaborations with top Indonesian artists such as Didi Kempot, Gesang, Titik Puspa, Chrisye and so on.
She was born in Surakarta or Solo, Central Java province, Indonesia in 1945. She is the 10th child of the family. Her father was an artisan, working on the batik factory as a painter. While her mother worked on market selling food. It's in the batik factory where her father worked that Waljinah began listening to traditional Javanesse song & music. It's assumed that this events inspired her to become a singer.
During her study time on high school, she develop her interest on keroncong music, and on 1958 she enter a singing competition held by Indonesian stated owned radio station, RRI Surakarta, and won the prize. Since then, her career as a professional singer began. So far, she rocorded no less than 200 albums, with over 1500 songs.One of her famous song ( Enthit ) was recorded by Lokananta music studio in Surakarta.
Songs :
Walang Kekek
Caping Gunung
Kutut Manggung
Ojo Lamis
Yen Ing Tawang Ana Lintang
Rondo Kempling
E jamune
Ande Ande Lumut
Keroncong Blitar
Kacu Biru
Ela Elo
Nyidam sari
Merem Melek
Klamben Klamben
Grimis Grimis
Ojo Gawe Gawe

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